Albert Stout, an investment advisor representative and a licensed fiduciary

Hello I am Albert Stout.

I am an investment advisor representative providing investments through Asset Positioning Services, LLC. I have a Series 65 securities license, which means I serve as a fiduciary. As a fiduciary I am obligated to higher standards than other advisors and brokers, who are not licensed as fiduciaries. I must act in the best interest of my clients.

I grew up in Mountain City TN where my father was a rural mail carrier and my mother worked in a garment factory. After high school, I graduated from King University in Bristol TN majoring in physics. I moved to Knoxville TN in 1976, and have lived here ever since. I am a widower, and I am active in my church and community.

I am a teacher at heart and one of my greatest joys is helping people understand the steps necessary to achieve financial stability in life and especially as they plan for their retirement. It is a sacred trust for me to be able to help people prepare for their future. My clients are always grateful, and I gain the satisfaction of doing my job well!

I became an insurance broker in 2004 working mainly with health insurance, Medicare related products, and long-term care insurance. Then in 2013 it just seemed natural to start helping military veterans and their families with retirement and estate planning. (My work helped them to qualify for VA benefits in order to help pay for their long-term care expenses.) I also began interfacing with attorneys to help veterans and other clients with their retirement and estate planning.

I love to play golf. I get a lot of joy when I play a great course and see how masterfully the architect blended each hole into the surrounding landscape. This is the same joy I have when I can help a client put together a retirement plan that will allow them to accomplish all their retirement goals and enjoy the rest of their lives!

Out of that desire to teach and help, and to give people a clearer sense of how to set retirement goals. I want to help folks plan their lives giving them the security that when they need their “big bag of money,” it will be there for them.

Albert Stout
(865) 546-7801